Explore CourseONE Church invites your family to join us for a fun adventure, starting January 2018! The EXPLORE COURSE (every Sunday at 10:30am) will guide your elementary-aged children through different questions about the Christian faith while playing games and having fun! Parents can stay for the service, too!

Please join us for the ADVENTURE DAY CAMP, a fun and informative preview of the Explore Course from Noon until 2:30PM on Saturday, December 30th.  There will be free food and fun games.


Please register for the Adventure Day Camp here: ADVENTURE DAY CAMP REGISTRATION


Each month we will explore a new question. Our Adventure Questions include:

  • January: Who is God, and what is He like?
  • February: What is the Bible?
  • March: What is wrong with the world?
  • April: Who is Jesus?
  • May: Why did Jesus die?
  • June: Did Jesus really rise from the dead?
  • July: How does a person become a Christian?
  • August: What does it mean to be a Christian in daily life?